Is the upcoming standalone Cornerstone going to be available to existing Pro customers

As Cornerstone comes free with Pro and is described as “Cornerstone is the heart and soul of both X and Pro”. I would assume that Pro and X customers could choose to just install a standalone Cornerstone if one prefers. Otherwise, I’m concerned that Themeco is trying to legacy the X and Pro license holders over time. I purchase an unlimited Pro license last year which promised “Ongoing Updates”. Could you clarify what the company plan is on this issue?

Hi @ResourceKraft,

Thanks for reaching out.
It is not very clear what exactly you are trying to mean here, can you please elaborate on the matter a bit? Please note that the Cornerstone comes as an individual plugin with X and that can be used even if you deactivate the X, but it will not be validated. In the case of Pro, the Cornerstone is integrated and can’t be individual like X.

Hope it helps.

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