Is ProTheme compatible with WPML?

Hello - this is my main page on Bulgarian - this is supposed to be my page translated on english

I’m using the translate editor, but my translation is not showing on front end. I’ve contacted the WPML support, but not sure they can find what the problem is and actually is the pro theme comptible with WPML?

Hi @danailyovev,

Thanks for reaching out.
The Content Builder has already integrated the WPML into it to add the content in a different language, you can find the Country flags in the Bottom Right corner to shift the languages.

I have created a Test page with different content for two different languages and it shows perfectly fine. Please find the URLs below.английски/

Hope it helps.

Oh wow, so great :slight_smile: THank you sir!

Hi @danailyovev,

You are most welcome.

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