Is my copy of X buggy or something? So many things dont work properly

This is my 8th copy of X and nothing seems to work right anymore.
My previous thread outlined an issue where the Headers are ignoring all CSS styles that are built in. Fonts are just simply ignored.

Now it seems like I just run into issue after issue. My latest problem is my buttons are ignoring styles as well. No matter what they are set to in the Customize section - they remain unchanged.

Is this copy of X super buggy or something?

Hi There,

Thank you for writing in, I did check your site and I don’t see any installation issue in there besides the 2 instances of X theme.

Please understand that unlike the Classic Elements, V2 Elements does not adhere to the Theme Options directly. As you notice V2 Elements has a number of configuration on its own (including colors & font-family). If you need a button that directly adheres to the Theme Options settings, please use the CLASSIC BUTTON element instead.


You can configure one V2 Button element the way you want your button to look like and then save that styling as a Present. Present are element level template that can be applied to the same element.

Template Manager

Hope this shed some lights,

I’ve definitely been confused about the difference between the classic and the new elements. Thanks for the info, I’ll give that a shot!

You are welcome :slight_smile:

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