Is it possible to have Mandarin text on a page?

Hi, I’m redoing a clients existing website and he has a page with Mandarin text - it doesn’t involve Google translate or anything like that, it is a Mandarin font that’s used. Before I can go ahead with anything, I need to know for definite that this is possible to do with your theme as it’s crucial to the website.

The link to existing URL:


Hello There,

Yes, it is possible as long as correct font is loaded. Here is a sample on my test site:

Hi @Lely,

That’s great, thank you so much for testing it out!

Would you mind telling me which font you used, just so I can use the same one so I know it all works ok!


Hi there,

Unfortunately, Lely is now currently on right now but here is a search result that you can check for fonts that support Mandarin texts:

Hope this helps.

Ok, thanks!

Would Lely be able to let me know when she’s back at all?


Hi There @core365

I have tried to contact @Lely, but she’s not available right now as she’s working on another department.

Try loading one the following fonts into your font manager (

Then you should be able to apply it into your elements.

Please check our font manager guide for detailed instructions on how to utilize it (

Hope that helps.

Hi, ok will do, thanks!

Just adding an additional info here. You’ll know what Google Font that supports the language by selecting the language in the Google Fonts site:

If you don’t select a Google Font or the element you pasted in uses a font family that doesn’t support Chinese, the Chinese character will fallback or use a system font that supports Chinese characters. If there’s none in the system, it will display a square character so it would be best to select a font family that supports Chinese.

Hope that helps.

Ah, ok! Many thanks for clarifying that!

You are most welcome!

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