Is it possible to create this with xtheme?

I am trying to replicate what you see in the image. I have created a row with 2 columns in it. But to fully replicate the image I need to put more columns nested inside the parent column, is that possible?

Also can I get round images with a frame as shown in the picture?

Hi @waynepatt58,

Thanks for posting in.

I suggest that you create each item as a global block (it has its own layout where you can use columns), then insert your global element to your cornerstone columns. It will function the same, I just tried it :slight_smile:


thank you, is it possible to create the image in a circle with a border also?

Hi @waynepatt58,

If you use the Image element then you can find an option there called Inner Border Radius and Outer Border Radius make them 50% to have a circular image and use the Border settings to have that border in the screenshot:

The result will be something like this:

I also suggest that you have the Knowledge Base overview page bookmarked as you may find cool information for the future reference.

Thank you.

thanks, works great will check out the link you sent

On behalf of my colleague. you’re welcome. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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