Intensity 4 Menu Design

Hello :slight_smile:

First time using X, I’m very impressed so far.

I installed the demo content for Intensity 4, but found that my menu looks nothing like the demo.

I haven’t customized a single thing, yet. I simply added some pages.

Is there a private way to share my URL with the support team? I will post images for now.

Hi there,

You can use the Secure Note functionality of the Post to send us private information. For further reading about how to work with the secure note feature kindly read this article:

Regarding the Integrity 4 demo please kindly consider that it is not an expanded demo, that is why you will not have the images available as those are proprietary images and can not be installed in your installation. Instead, the demo imported to replace them with placeholder images which you can change later with your own ones.

That is not the case regarding the Expanded demos, you will have the exact same representation of the demo with images as those are the ones that we own the right to distribute and you can install in your Wordpress instance.

Thank you.

I don’t care about the image. I’m talking about the MENU only.

And I apologize for the wrong demo name, it’s integrity 4 not intensity 4.

Here is what I’m trying to achieve:

Hi there,

You should deactivate your Ubermenu plugin, it’s overriding the default menu that comes with the demo.


Thank you!

All works well now :slight_smile:

Hi @mattsayle,

Happy to hear that.

Feel free to ask us again.

Thanks. :slight_smile: