Integrity 1 Demo

Installed demo, and everything is fine on the home page except the top slider with the 4 tabs that popup. That did not import, how to import that?

Hello William,

We currently don’t provide the slider exports because they utilize mostly graphics we’ve created, along with some licensed imagery that cannot be distributed. Additionally, simply changing out text and images isn’t as easy as it sounds due to the fact that everyone’s content is a little different so you’ll need to still adjust things by hand. What I can do is walk you through how we achieve this and give you some pointers.

Firstly, the Slider Layout we’re using is Full Screen (you select this option on the Edit Slider page in the Main Slider Settings box). Another trick we’ve found is when inputing your Grid Settings, sometimes making the width a little wider than the actual width of your site is preferable. As the slider shrinks down, everything doesn’t always move as you would expect it to. Making this width a little wider and playing around with the positioning of elements usually ensures that everything stays the way it should.

On the actual slide editor itself, always make sure that you position your elements manually, do not use the Align & Position setting. While this allows you to align things quickly and easily, it does not maintain its layout properly as you size your site down.

Next, in the Layers Timing & Sorting box, we have six layers that by depth are listed out like so (with their timing listed out in milliseconds to the side):

Text – This Cool Video Header (1000)
Text – Is Optional And Customizable (1000)
Text – And Fully Responsive (2500)
Image – Renew (4000)
Image – Integrity (4000)
Image – Icon (4000)

Next, here are the animations for each respective to the listing above:

Start Animation – Long from Left, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 2000
Start Animation – Long from Right, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 2000
Start Animation – Fade, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 2000
Start Animation – Long from Bottom, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 3000
Start Animation – Long from Bottom, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 3000
Start Animation – Long from Bottom, Start Easing – easeOutExpo, and Start Speed – 3000

Hopefully this gets you started on the right path. Let us know if you need anything else!

i do not see ‘slider layout’ in any of the elements. can you send screenshots? do i put a new element on top? only options i have are attached.

this doesn’t make sense about the copyrighted images as a reason to not include it either, you can just insert code without images

Hi William,

Thanks again for updating the thread!

Integrity Demo 1 is a standard demo which doesn’t include the slider for import. Please check this for clarification.

The slider has been done using the Revolution Slider Plugin which is coming free with the theme.

Please go to X-> Validation to install the slider plugin.
Please check revolution slider documentation for help in creating the slider.

Then you can place the slider through cornerstone element or through page setting.

Hope this clear now!


Hello William,

If you have added new information, please let us know as I see (post withdrawn by author, will be automatically deleted in 24 hours unless flagged) message. If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.


I want to have 4 of these pages, but each one with different categories


for example, can i create /portfolio-music/, /portfolio-art/, etc

Can this be done?

Hello William,

Yes you can create 4 portfolio pages which will display portfolio items of the same category.
Please check out this knowledge base articles in adding a portfolio pages in your site:

Hope this helps. Please let us know how it goes.

Thanks, one last question - is it possible to link directly to what is circled here, so the page still goes to /portfolio/ but when linking to /portfolio#music for example only that tab is open?

Hey William,

The buttons you are referring to is used exclusively as a filter button. You cannot link it directly to the button. The portfolio page is not using tabbed content. By default, the portfolio page will load 24 items regardless of the category. You can filter out the items by category using the button. However, there is only 1 item or no item loaded in the click category, it does not load other items which is not present on the page. You will have to go page 2 and another batch of items is loaded again.

One thing to understand is that the purpose of this button is only to sort portfolio items by category loaded within the page.

Hope this explains it briefly.

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