Integrity 1 demo. trick on setting up initial page

On your integrity one demo you start of with an animation without and menus showing. You click the little arrow button and it takes you to a page that has the menu which stays in place as you scroll down. What was the trick used to accomplish this?

Hey @Starkweather,

Our Integrity 1 demo uses a Fullscreen Slider Layout. It is then added to the top of the page using the Slider Above Masthead feature.

To show the menu below the Fullscreen slider, it’s height must be dynamically reduced based on the header’s height. That is possible with the Increase / Decrease Fullscreen Height. Insert .masthead in that field.

Hope that helps.

Slider Revolution ?

Please see how to use Slider Revolution here.

I would also like to encourage you to visit our Knowledge Base for more usage instructions.


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