Integration of different languages

Hi guys,

I would be very happy if I could run my blog using 2 languages (ie english and french). Everything would be translated to ensure a perfect symmetry.

What would you recommend? Is there any plugin for this kind of configurations? What do you think of Polylang?


Hi Remy,

Thank you for writing in, please follow the guide provided here.

Hope it helps,

Hi there,

Thank your for this quick answer. Yes, I already read this tutorial. My question was about the structure of the website using 2 languages. Do you provide something particular for example regarding the Menu where a visitor will probably want to switch between french and english articles.

I know Polylang plugin (free or $$) is pretty good at that but in term of structure, are you offering something interresting and good looking? (little flags into a box or into a menu, name of the language, etc.)

Thanks again.

Hello Remy,

Thank you for the clarifications. When you use Polylang, you can make use of the customizable language switcher which is provided as a widget or in the nav menu. Most of our users is using WPML plugins. And it is very well documented. You can check out this article:

Hope this helps.

Ok thanls @RueNel

Regarding the first answer of @friech (this time I’m talking about the translation of the theme itself), do I need to translate x.pot then pro.pot inside /www/wp-content/themes/pro/framework/lang or just pro.pot ?


Hi Remy,

You can translate any of it, they just contain the same strings for translation, just make sure the language file name has the correct textdomain (__x__) like __x__-fi_FI.po.

Hope this helps.

Thank you. I have another question regarding the translation of my texts this time. I am using “Topchat security” header. Is it possible to run this header on a website in french (main language) and english? (because the text on it will need to be translated in english).

Hi Remy,

The header translation is only possible with WPML plugin, or if you’ll do custom development. The polylang header translation is already added to our issue tracker as feature request. Are you on Pro or X theme? Perhaps you could just translate the string through some filter if you’re on X header. Please let us know the URL where the header is displayed. I can’t promise a solution but I like to check and try it first :slight_smile:


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