Installing and editing the demo content

Hi, I am trying to install the demo content as per the website below.
But for some reason this is what is happening.
Help please.



Sorry I can’t access your site. It’s under construction mode at the moment,

Would you mind providing us your wordpress admin login in Secure Note

Notes About Standard Demo Content
It should be noted that standard demo content may not look exactly like our demo websites for numerous reasons. One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that much of our content is either created by us directly or licensed specifically to us, so it is not available for redistribution (i.e. images, videos, et cetera). That being said, there are many great websites available such as PhotoDune or GraphicRiver where you can readily purchase premium content for use in your own sites. The standard demo content is meant to be used as a way to quickly set up the framework or structure of your site, making it quick and easy for you to swap out images and text with your own material.


I am trying to setup demo content and the process seems to be getting stuck on the creating posts stage. Any ideas?

Hello Danny,

I have checked your site and it seems that the expanded demo contents were installed. Could you please tell us which demo content you were trying to install? If you are trying to install another demo content, it will wipe out your previous demo settings and use the newly imported demo settings.

Please clarify. Thanks.

I’m trying to install the Auto demo. Right now I have default content.

Hello Danny,

I have replied your other thread and awaiting for you reply.
We can close this thread and continue the conversation in that thread.


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