Installed Theme X Pro, but cannot get demo content

I installed X Pro, but I am unable to get the demo content. Wondering how I get that content.

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Hi there,

Our Pro product does not have the traditional demo system which X has. There will be a templating system available in future releases which will be preset of the options already available in the Pro.

Kindly read about this in the Popular questions section:

Thank you.

So if we wish to create a site based on one of the demos using pro we have to make it all from scratch?

Hi There,

I’m sorry but currently there is no alternative for that. However, there will be a templating system available in future releases which will be preset of the options already available in the Pro.

Thank you for your understanding.

Wow. That’s horrible. Can I switch my license type then? I just purchased a couple of days ago.

Hello There,

Thanks for updating this thread! Please understand that X and Pro theme are completely two different themes. X is for beginners and intermediate users. Pro theme is more to intermediate and advanced users such as designers, developers and more.

At the moment, you cannot swap your Pro license with X license. You may request a refund and once got refunded, you can purchase X theme in Themeforest.

Thank you.

Hey guys,

Are there any workarounds to this?

Let’s say I have a pro theme and a non-pro theme. would I be able to upload a page or a block to the pro theme from the non-pro demo theme I saved in the layout section?

Any ideas would be welcome. Especially since the point of a theme is to NOT do everything from scratch…

Hi There,

You can access your pages via Cornerstone, export the template via Cornestone > Template > Download

On your PRO site, access the page builder and import it.

Hope it helps!

Hi if this is the case. Why have you not just done this process internally at themeco/apex and added those content templates to the design cloud?

Demo support is a fairly core feature, which is apparent by the amount of advertising space devoted to it on your product page. It just seems silly to make a few thousand of users go through this manual process every time they want to start with a demo template when the company that sells the $80 product can do it once for everyone.

It’s been nearly a year now and the content section from the template design cloud is dismal

I was just looking for an answer to the same question and it seems that with all the other advanced features you have in Pro (and they are awesome) that this would be a no brainer. Since the last update from a staff member was almost a year ago, can you let us know where this is and when we can expect the features mentioned above from 2017?

Hi Brandon,

It seems that there is a misunderstanding. There Will Not be any Demo content such as the X theme in the Pro theme. The Pro theme does not have the feature and is not supposed to have one.

The Pro theme has another feature regarding this case which is called Design Cloud. Please check the link below for more information:

Also, you can read the article below to know more about the Template Manager system and incorporate the Design Cloud:

Thank you.

Basically what i did was find someone that still had a zip of the x theme files. install the old x theme on my site, then activate the demo i wanted

then I had to navigate to each page, and save it as a content template.

Then I selected them all and downloaded them as a pack

reinstalled the “pro” theme and uploaded the templates I downloaded

This is a lengthy process that every single pro users has to do to achieve backwards compatibility for demos.

They could easily do this once, and add it to the design cloud. I’m not sure what their excuse for not doing this yet is. But it’s very disappointing as a consumer.

The design cloud you’ll be cited as the replacement feature anytime you ask about demos, has a total of 9 content templates. That are minimal at best.

Hi @royalcrown28,

I appreciate the length that you go for this and thank you for sharing this.

I repeat the Pro theme was not meant to have the Demo Import functionality of The X theme in the first place.

Thank you for your understanding.

Thanks @christopher.amirian. I appreciate that X and Pro have different goals and I appreciate the greater ability to customize that Pro offers. That’s one of the reasons I upgraded to it! :slight_smile:

However, I think regardless of the pro theme not meaning to have demo import functionality, there is definitely a request for it. By several users. And it is somewhat logical since you the way you present Pro (at least the way it was presented to me) is as an upgrade in the registration process of X; and it would stand to reason that there would be the ability for themes/design content to be backward compatible. I get, now that I have Pro, that it is more than just an upgrade and has different goals. However, the same people who were drawn to X now want to take the awesome themes that we had in X and be able to tinker and customize them with the tools of Pro.

And in fact, @royalcrown28 even offered a solution that fits within what you did mean for the Pro theme to accomplish with the Design Cloud. To that end, especially since there has been several requests for it, and because it would seem much easier for you all to do it than for everyone to follow @royalcrown28 homebrew process, is this something you all would be willing to do?

Hey Brandon,

As things stand, we have no plans to do this, and if I’m honest, it’s unlikely that we’ll go down that route. However, we are sensitive to requests from our customers and discuss these things internally. Naturally, if something has significant demand, we do take note of it, and implement where we feel it’s appropriate.

Thanks for making your opinions known, and have a great day.