Install Cornerstone to GoDaddy hosting account

Hi I am new to using cornerstone and wanted to see how to install cornerstone installable Wordpress files into my hosting account. I am trying to be able to edit my Wordpress site with cornerstone and have go daddy hosting. Please help

Hi @wifye89

Thanks for writing in! I see that you have a Cornerstone license. You can install Cornerstone as a plugin for WordPress. You just need to download file from your Envato account and then install it through WordPress plugins section.

Hope that helps.

What is the plugin called in Wordpress or how do I download your specific cornerstone plugin for Wordpress?

Also is there a direct link or video link on how to do this?

Hi @wifye89

First, download file from your Envato account.

Then login to your WordPress backend, head over to Plugins -> Add New

Then click on Upload Plugin button, and upload file to install it.

With regard to Cornerstone related tutorials, please check the heading “Cornerstone / Content Builder” on our knowledge base section (

Hope that helps.

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