Instagram icon in author bio with multiple authors

Hey there,

I’ve added an instagram icon (link to my account) to my author bio with a jQuery script - like mentioned here:

Now I have added a second author (with his own bio) to my wordpress and the link to my instagram profil is also shown on his bio:

Is there a way to display the instagram icon/link only with my author bio? you can check it out here:

Many thanks!

Hi There,

Yes, we can add your postid .postid-4786 on the script:
See this too:

	$('<a href="" class="x-author-social" title="Visit the Instagram Profile for Florian Litterst" target="_blank"><i class="x-icon-instagram-square" data-x-icon=""></i> Instagram</a>').insertBefore('.postid-4786 .x-author-info .p-author');

Hope this helps.