Instagram and The Grid not connecting

Hi guys
I have updated all elements of X and Cornerstone and The Grid is not finding the content. Can you have a look at it for me?

Hi Phil,

Thank you for writing in, you might need to get a new App ID, please follow the guide provided here.

Please note The Grid is no longer active. Themeco updates and support of this plugin will end on September 30, 2021. You may continue to use the plugin after this date at your own discretion. We recommend all Themeco customers switch to the native Posts Elements available in all Cornerstone builders. More advanced layouts can be achieved using the Grid Element available in Pro. In your case, I suggest switching to Essential Grid or other plugins that can feed on Instagram.


Thanks Friech
Will acct on your advice

Let us know how it goes,


I relinked the tokens and it fired up, :ok_hand: so that’s good, but I will switch to Essential Grid. I can see it’s going to get more difficult to sync this stuff as we realize the aspirations of privacy and the data retention. thanks for your guidance