Inline navigation or button header - is there a reason not to use button?

I understand I’d miss the feature of Wordpress ‘menu’. But for other purposes is there a reason not to make a header like shown in the tutorial? The only reason (and a big one for that) is that I do like the possibility to use a 2nd (sub) line. There is no way to do this with inline navigation is there?


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Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

Can you please elaborate the question as I am not able to understand the problem you are facing with Inline Navigation and button? Please elaborate the question and we will be happy to assist you.


sorry - I don’t have a problem it is a general question if there’s reasons not to use a button header instead of inline navigation. pro’s and cons to both


I see the advantage of inline navigation for the desktop is easy navigation since it’s big screen. The links and important pages of your site are visible upon load. The downside, it uses large space and limited to screen width, or container width, hence, not good for menu that has ton of items.

As for button type menu (eg. mobile menu), you can have many menu items as it increases in height instead of width. And it’s good for a site that has many sub-sections (pages) that are needed to be grouped.

Still, it’s up to your design preference. Both types of menu are added so the user could design their own preferred layout.

Hope this helps.

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