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In my case I’ve got a parent site which uses X Theme. This site has 2 siblings that closely belong to the parent, yet they should have a radical different look, that is, a different Menu on a different position, and—easier to achieve—a different look.
Is it possible to get change the position of the menu for an individual page(s) with different items?


Hey McTell,

Regretfully, the feature you described isn’t offered in X. You can setup different menu styles if you use Pro because you can create a custom header and assign it to individual pages.

For X, this would need custom development which is outside the scope of our support.


Humn, this there any other deal then the usual 25%… This bugs me, since I just actually started working with X Theme… Whats the real benefit of the Pro Theme? And–highly likely–would you suggest to upgrade?

Hello Steven,

Thanks for updating in!

X theme is recommended for beginners and intermediate users. This is useful when you want to create a site that mostly would work our of the box. You can easily check out any of our demo sites and make is as your base template for your site and start working on it replacing with your own contents.

Pro theme on the other hand is best for intermediate and advanced users like designers and developers. This theme is best if you want to have a custom header and footer because it has a builder intended to create unique layouts. You can even have different header or footer in different pages.

Hope this helps.

Okay, I guess I will upgrade to Pro. Sorry for some the off-topic question but I just want to be clear:

  1. It is possible to implement an individuell Menu for pages I select to have this other menu?
  2. Gets my current support time extended when I upgrade to Pro?
    2a. After Pro support expires, can I still download the Theme and get Theme Updates?
  3. Is there any Demo Content available for Pro?
  4. When I upgrade to Pro, my layout won’t break?


Hi McTell,

Yes, you can create as many headers as you want with different menus assigned to it and you can assign a header to specific pages.

Here is an intro video for the header and footer builder that you might want to check:

You can still get support here in Apex when you upgrade Pro. Even when your Envato support expires, automatic updates will be forever available as long as you have the site validated.

Demo contents are not available in Pro but you can make use of the Design Cloud feature.

Here is a link about the Design Cloud:

Your content should remain as is when you do an upgrade but it is always best to keep a full backup of your site before doing anything major changes.

Hope this helps.

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