In Pro: is it possible to have 2 global headers

I designed an extra header to function as floating menu on the left with a contact toggle.

So, in fact i have then tw headers. One sticky top header, and the new floating to the left.

How does this work in the assigning of the two headers?

Hello @johntheripper,

Thanks for writing in! If I’m understanding what you’re asking about correctly, what you want should definitely be possible. With Pro, keep in mind that you can create as many headers as you need and assign them in as many combinations as you need across your website. Within each of those headers, there are multiple regions that you can use to output various bits of content. The regions can be selected by going to each of these tabs in an individual header. Notice in the image below, I have the Top region selected, and I have one bar added to it:

Then, if I switch to the Left region, I can add a bar there as well, and now both of my bars (one in the Top region and another in the Left region) are present at the same time:

Now anytime this header is assigned to a page, both of these bars will always be output to any page using that header. Here we see how an individual header can contain multiple bars. Please note that only the Top region can contain multiple bars. The Left, Right, and Bottom regions can only contain one bar each for various reasons (mostly related to screen real estate).

Hopefully this helps to answer your question and clear some things up. Cheers!

I think this answer my question. Thanks for your help.

You’re always welcome!

Feel free to check our Knowledge Base for more information.