Improving GTMetrix report on load speed

I am getting ready to bring the page live;

I wonder if you can provide suggestions to improve scores under the sections;

  • Inline small CSS

  • Remove query strings from static resources

I will take care of the “Serve scaled images” via a plugin

Any new recommendations since you produced this content?

WP Smush Pro45 (WPMU DEV). Smush Pro is a cloud based image optimizing plugin, that works on a API based system, that allows you with a few clicks to send your images for optimizing and also includes loesless compression with it’s Super Smush option.
Kraken.io42 Kraken is another cloud based image optimization service, the main difference being, they not only have a WordPress plugin you can use, but you can also optimize images directly on their website, rather than using the plugin.
Ewww Image Optimizer27 Ewww Image optimizer is another cloud based image optiomization plugin, that also allows you to optimize and compress images to decrease load times.

Hello There,

Thanks for writing in! You may install W3 Total Cache and combined your JS and CSS files. This plugin should improve your site’s performance. For more information, please check out this knowledge base article:

Hope this helps.

will do, thanks !

In regards to the two points you’re bringing up, regretfully we can’t make changes for either. The small CSS resources you mentioned are from the Cornerstone Powerpack plugin. You could reach out to the author and request it from them.

Query strings are an important part of how WordPress itself adds scripts and styles. There are known performance issues with this method if your resources are behind a proxy, but in most cases it’s not making a big difference. As a WordPress theme we follow this convention for asset versioning. If WordPress core provides or implements an alternative, we would follow that standard.

Hi Alexander
I have eliminated the Cornerstone Powerpack plugin now.

Thank you very much for your analysis. I am curious about this line;

Does this imply that the W3 plugin will itself do the job combining the JS and CSS files?


Hi There,

If set correctly you can achieve improvments.

I personally choose to not worry so much about and avoid these type of optmization as it can also bring new issues if not setup and tested correctly. The impact on the performance is really small, and a website with good markup, intersting content and optmized images should be more then enough to grow in SEO with time.

Hope it helps

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