Impossible to get a refund, so moving forward

I found out the hard way that it’s impossible to get a refund via Envato or Themco.

Anyway, I’ve accepted that. My fault. I really should’ve have done better due diligence before I purchased, read more honest reviews and set realistic expectations.

So, moving on, few questions:

  1. How do I “park” this theme/license?
    Do I just uninstall the theme in Wordpress?
    Do I unsintall both the theme and the child theme?
    I may find some use for it in the future. It has free lifetime updates, right?

  2. How do I change the website that the license applies to?
    I know the license only applies to one website. In the future, I may want to use it on a different website.

  3. Is there a way to transfer the license to someone?
    Not re-selling it but giving it a way. Is that allowed?

  4. Once uninstalled, do the plugins I activated also uninstall?
    Or do I have to individually uninstall them one by one?

  5. Is there a permanent way to delete the demo content?
    How do I clean up the cache from the demo content?

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @glorisurban,

Thanks for writing in and sorry to hear that, and thank you for remaining so positive :slight_smile:

  1. May I know what do you mean by “park”? You can uninstall it by deleting it (after activating a different theme). And yes, both parent and child theme. Yes, as long as you validate your product/license in your new site, you’ll still get updates. And you can still download the updates in Themeforest.

  2. You can do that by going into your license page here in Apex, then assign a new site in production and staging fields, then validate it in your new site’s Admin > X > Validation.

  1. We could do that but that means we’ll have to delete your current account (since it’s a single license) and create new account for that license (with user preferred credentials). It’s per request :slight_smile:

  2. No, you’ll have to uninstall them manually one by one.

  3. A better option for this is clean installation since you’re deleting theme, plugins, and demos. Still, you can delete them manually in pages, posts, portfolio, slider, and more.


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