Importing Custom Fonts Issue

Hi there,

I’ve tried importing a custom font but can’t see any results. Any thoughts?



Hello Tom,

Have you imported the fonts in the Font Manager? If so, after importing the custom font, you will have to set the font in the Theme Options settings which is in X/Pro > Theme Options > Typography

Additionally, you can set the font you have imported to the font setting of the v2 elements:

Hope this helps.

Hi there,

Tried this but no change. Here are the login details:

Hey Thomas,

Regretfully the given credentials is not working for us.
It seems that the password is incorrect. Can you please double check it?


Sorry, try this:

Hello Thomas,

I have logged in and tweak your Korina font in the fonr manager. I simply clicked the “Add to Font Manager” and now, you can select the font in the Typography section.

Please check your site again.

Hi there,

I’ve tried adding it to the homepage headline “Cuestión”, but it doesn’t change to the correct font. Here’s the font style:

Hello Thomas,

The font is not taking effect because there is an issue:

Failed to decode downloaded font:

(domain removed for security)

Please make sure that you have uploaded the correct font file. If the font is not properly loaded, then the font will not display properly.

Please let us know how it goes.

Does the font file need to be a specific type for PRO? It seems to be working elsewhere on the site.

Hello Thomas,

Please make sure that you have assigned the font family correctly. I have checked the page source and some elements were only assigned to Body Copy, Headings or inherit the font family of the body or the default body font.

Please be advised that most of the elements have its own font family settings. You may need to edit and change the font families of these elements.

Hope this helps.

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