Imported templates not bringing all their assets

My client is used to designing a page on a staging site, creating/exporting it as a template, then importing it to a new page on the production site.

Recently, they have reported that not all images are being included in the imported template so have to be manually uploaded to the media library on the production site.

I’ve updated to the latest X/Cornerstone (8.3.1/5.3.1) but the problem persists.

Can you help please?

Thanks, Mike.

Hi Mike,

This is an unfortunate side effect of some changes we made for the Cornerstone 5 update. Prior to Cornerstone 5, every element stored the full URL to the actual media library asset. When Cornerstone 5 was released, all newly created elements that reference images will store the attachment ID instead of the URL. This allowed us to have better integration with the WordPress media library but now template exports don’t have a way to locate the images anymore - because it just sees numeric IDs instead of URLs.

This is something we are planning on addressing but is a bit involved so we haven’t been able to prioritize it just yet. I don’t have an ETA on when it will be addressed. Meanwhile, to ensure media assets transfer you can use the Insert via URL function when adding an image and copy/paste over the image URL. I understand this is not ideal but regretfully it’s the only way to keep images portable at this time.

I have almost the same problem.

Hi @alexander

OK, thanks for the clear explanation, and the work-around. It’s disappointing of course but I’m glad that it’s at least on your radar.


@Anetka15Admin I’ve recently replied on your thread as well. I think it’s a different issue but we can definitely help you out over on that thread.

@mikerayjones thanks for understanding. It’s a bit of a hangup for us internally as well since we have to take extra care when creating Design Cloud assets that include images.