Image text not displaying on post media grid

Hi guy,

I created a post exactly the same as this one
using WP Bakery page Builder > masonary grid, –

I want to make sure when people open the pictures they can read the text info about each one of them. How do I do that?I

I have info on every picture but it does not show .

How can I accomplish this?

Hi @LucyKeile,

Thanks for reaching out.

It depends on the implementation of the lightbox. And it’s not currently possible, it would require custom development which we can’t provide. I recommend contacting a developer for proper customization.

Thanks for understanding.

is there a different way i could enter the pictures and the info text show up?

Hello There,

The VC grid does not have the ability to display the image captions and descriptions. Perhaps, you can make use of other 3rd party grid plugins like the Essential Grid or The Grid plugin. You can install this in X > Validation > Settings. To know more about this plugins, please check it here:,

Hope this helps.

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