Image resizing doesn't play along in woocom catalogue

Hi guys,

I’m trying to resize the images in my woocom catalogue at but without success. The “look” I’m trying to accomplice is like this one: ie. image resized to fit the catalogue box instead of the cropped view I got now. I’ve been trying to resize the images the old fashion way from within WooComm but without success the disable cropping doesn’t work either then the images become fullsize and expanding the catalogue box.

Could it be that you got some awesome CSS/WP hacks for me or maybe something even easier that I’ve overseen.


Hi Tony,

Thanks for writing around! To resize WooCommerce images please follow this article

Hope this helps!

Thanks fir your reply Nabeel,

I’ve already tried that and that do indeed change the size of the image but by changing the size of the container. What I’m trying to do is to show the entire image (shrinking it) to fit inside of the container.

Hard cropping enabled
Adjusted to 91x91 px
Adjusted to 546x546 px

Hard cropping disabled
Adjusted to 91x91 px

As can bee seen in the last snapshot the container increase in size with the image.

I used some of my insane Photoshop skills and created an image that shows what I’m trying to accomplish:

Does it make any sense or is it me that got my bits and bytes totally wrong?


Just to clarify I did regenerate the thumbnails after each change. :slight_smile:

Hey @manjome,

What you’re trying to achieve is called matted thumbnails. That could not be done with CSS and it is not possible with WooCommerce out of the box. You need a plugin like this. It would be best that you manually mat your images in an image editing software though so as to not add load to your server.


And that sir was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot and sorry for my lack of vocabulary, now I learned a new thing about Woo. Long live Matted thumbnails. :slight_smile:

Glad we could help.


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