Image Lightbox shortcode bloating

How do I get my images to enlarge in lightbox without bloating the page with shortcodes?

Hello Jerod,

Thanks for writing in!

Well, when you use the shortcode technically you are not bloating the page. Use of shortcodes won’t have a drastic impact on the performance for page as shortcodes supplied by us are already built into the X Theme.

I suggest you to take a look at following resource to get started with Lightbox:

If you would like to use some external plugins, please take a look at following Google Search Result page. Please click here.

Note: Please note that the Google Search result I have shared and the plugins listed in that is not official Themeco advice. It’s just a personal input that I have shared with you to help you get started. 3rd party plugins may cause some issues and we won’t be able to provide support in that scenario.


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