Image are blurry on thumbnails

Hi best support! =)

I have search through the forum, but I can not relate to any. I have try to change the value through customize->woocomerce images and also installed a regenerate plugin. they are stil blurry as you can see on the attached img. =(

The image size I upload to Wordpress is 1500x1058.

the site is

Hi there,

Please go to Appearance > Customize > Woocommerce (Second option) then set Bredd på huvudbild to 300px.

Hope this helps.

HI Jade.

=). naaaah that just makes the single product image smaller. the thumbnail option is under. and its already 300

Hello There,

Your single product image is set to 600 and the shop catalog images is set to 300 pixels. When displayed on the site, it is resized to 518 and 255. You will need to change the dimensions and regenerate those images. For more information, please check this out:

And also this thread might also help you as well:

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