I'm now a 3 year user of exclusively X Theme in my web development and I'm seeing some management issues I don't like

By no means am I big spender, but I am reliable purchaser of your products through me and your clients. When starting, all theme.co management was clearly organized, motivated and provided clear explanations on theme operation, plugin use and design.

Coming back this week for another project under Pro, I transfered/activated my license to my domain: bklindworth.com. everything said verfied. I’ve seen recent posts expressing the same issue.

However, after searching your poorly organized website I have given up on activating/unlocking the part of the theme that gives you an X on the sidebar where you can then grab demo content; the whole point of this in the first place.

You have a great product, but you’re growing fast and overlooking these things can sometimes be mortal wounds to a business. Remember, the theme is only half of what we’re buying; the organized support and admin are the other. Ever since this change to APEX I’ve not like much about any of it.

So, could I get some pointers on what I did wrong when registering this, my 6th x theme, to my domain that prevented me from accessing extended features?


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I seriously feel the same, and also appreciate the support I have got in the past few weeks but on the back end there has been changes that go back a few years have noticed. I hope to see the same level of support for in scope questions and a good effort on the support team of theme.co. Appreciate all you are doing and thank you @bklindworthdev for posting this.

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Hello Bryan,

Here’s our Knowledge Based overview organize by topic: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/knowledge-base-overview/287

Regarding what you are looking for, Pro doesn’t have demo content. There will be a templating system available in future releases which will be preset of the options already available in the Pro. Please check this article: https://theme.co/blog/say-hello-to-x-five-and-pro-one/ and this one too for clarification regarding why demo content is not available on Pro: https://theme.co/apex/forum/t/popular-questions/204. Those articles will give you insights on the difference of X and Pro. Since there’s a release too, please check our changelog here: https://theme.co/changelog, please read it carefully until the FAQS part.

Hope this helps.