I want site max width is 1920 px but the section background colors are extent to the infinity

their are two page both have similar kind of secion on my website .
first is this page https://ffstaging.ehob.com/product/waffle-overlay/ , on this page section 1 when you zoom out the page then the background blue color is extent to infinity.
but on this page https://ffstaging.ehob.com/ the section 1 is similar but on here the background color is not extent to infinity.
i want the first case to be happend in all this section .
if thir is gray color section or orange color section i want that the background color of all this section are extent to infinity from left , from right , if section is left aligned that extent to infinity from left. and so on. and all the content of the site is max width to 1240px. give me proper guidance that how can i do this , all the neccessary information is in security key.

Hello @vks_group,

Thanks for writing to us.

It seems that you have set the page template as “Layout - Fulwidth” You need to set the the page template as “Blank - No Container | Header, Footer” and recheck it. Please have a look at the screenshot below.

Hope it helps

on this page https://ffstaging.ehob.com/product/waffle-overlay/
i want that when we view this page in large size like3000px and more then the content in the orange column and blue column is under max-width 1240px. how can i fix this , {content is in 1240px width but the color will spread to right and left.}

Hello Ketan,

With the current structure of that Section, that is not possible. You may need to use other elements inside that Section to make it possible. You can have something like this:

        Cells (more than 6 which will hold the orange and blue colors)
        Cell (Final)
             Row (with maximum width of 1240px)
                  Column 1
                  Column 2

You can then overlay the final Cell that will have the Row which has a maximum width of 1240 pixels.

Best Regards.

can you please give outline screenshot or necessary settings for this.

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