I have installed Renew2 Demo but its not showing proper

I am new to X Theme and I have installed Renew 2 Demo Content but on my website, it is not looking proper and the whole content is not looking. In Menu only Home, Blog and Portfolio are showing and not showing Mission, Services, Skills, Breakdown, Contact, Location Menu. Can you please check and let me know why whole demo content is not loading and let me know how can I edit a website.

Also while editing with CornerStone I am not able to see anything in right side to edit. Here is the ScreenShot https://imgur.com/ZjQgUsw

Here is the URL: http://stemhood.keysoftmedia.com


Hello Sohil,

Thanks for writing in!

Please never share login details in public. Always use secure note feature so that the information is in between you and Themeco staff. I have moved the credentials in secure note.

Regarding demo content, I see that you are using Renew Demo. Please note that Renew falls under Standard Demo content wherein you get home page layout and placeholder images. Standard Demo does not contains full working website. For that please consider Expanded Demo contents.

For More information, please refer following resource:

I tried editing the page in Cornerstone and can see that Cornerstone is not loading. I checked the server configuration and that seems to be fine. Next, I tried to clear cache and deactivate all plugins except Cornerstone but that also is not solving the issue. At this moment to test the issue further, please share FTP login details in secure note.


Sure here is my FTP Login Details

Also why my site is not scrolling to section smoothly as in demo?


Well you can see that demo SERVICES content also not loaded below blue background as this totally blank space. This section not loaded in my website https://imgur.com/lD2uk1T

Also Location Google Maps not Loaded in my website?


Hi Sohil,

Upon investigating your issue further, I found that it was a caching issue that you have experienced. I have disabled your caching plugins and your sections started to function again.

With regard to Google Maps issue, I see the following error on the console log.
You have exceeded your request quota for this API.

Please check the following resource on how to resolve that issue (https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/javascript/error-messages?utm_source=maps_js&utm_medium=degraded&utm_campaign=billing#api-key-and-billing-errors).


Hello Sir

Thanks for your message and Prompt Response. I am designing One Page Website Using Renew 2 Demo. Well I have made all menus and given Anchor links and the last menu link is Blog.

In Blog Page http://stemhood.keysoftmedia.com/demo-blog/ I dont want all menu links and needs only Home, Contact and Blog so would like to know how can I remove other links in Blog Page. Here is the screenshot attached https://imgur.com/ZoEDFrR what I need menu in Blog Page as in Homepage there will be all menu links as it is now.


Hi Sohil,

One page menu shouldn’t be assigned as primary menu, example, if you edit your page in the builder you should see this and change it to your one page navigation.

If not, you can still do it within standard editing view of your page.

Then go to Admin > Appearance > Menus and make sure your blog menu is set as primary menu instead of the one page menu.


ok Thanks its done. Well is there any shortcode available for Slider as I need to place Slider for Testimonials Section. So may I know is there any Element available for Testimonials Slider


Hi Sohil,

I’m not sure if it’s possible within the slider, but you could add your testimonial as text layer in your slider. And then style and design it to appear as a testimonial. But yes, there is no shortcode or element for the testimonial.


Thanks for your reply. its done and thanks for this. Well is it possible to temporary hide the website http://stemhood.keysoftmedia.com/ as may I know how to do that. As just now I need to hide for sometime

Hi Sohil,

You may install and activate the Under Construction plugin which is one of the bundle plugins with X.

Also, please note that each thread should only be focused in one topic to avoid making the thread lengthy and confusion. In case you have another question unrelated to the original topic, kindly post a new thread.

Hope this helps.

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