I got this theme because i Thoth it is gonna look lithe demo

after i install it, there are no design element or video&image content demo???

Hello Gil,

Thanks for asking. :slight_smile:

I tried looking at your website to see the stack or demo content you have loaded but I am unable to check the website.

However, going through the description it seems that you might be using standard demo contents. If you are looking for a complete and full demo then I suggest you to import expanded demo’s. To learn more about differences between standard and expanded demo, please take a look at following tread.


ok the server was off for few hrs now its good agin

Hi Gil,

It looks like you tried to import the Integrity 1 Standard Demo. We currently don’t provide the slider exports because they utilize mostly graphics we’ve created, along with some licensed imagery that cannot be distributed. Additionally, simply changing out text and images isn’t as easy as it sounds due to the fact that everyone’s content is a little different so you’ll need to still adjust things by hand.

Please note that you will just get the homepage excluding the sliders for the standard demos. The demo will also provide some filler text and images that you can change to your own contents. As for the menu items on your site, it looks different as you have UberMenu enabled. If you disable Ubermenu you should be able to get the default menu.

Hope this helps.



Hi Gil,

Sorry for the confusion, X Theme has 2 types of demos, the Standard Demo which only import the customizer settings and the homepage template with place-holder images to it for you to change (no slider included). The Expanded Demo on the other hand will import everything including its sliders (if you install Revolution Slider prior to importing). unfortunately, the Integrity 1 Demo belongs to the former.


We can not provide you the actual slider of Integrity 1 demo, but we can guide you how to make one.

First, download a free Revolution Slider template that you like here, the template named Fantasy Posters is the closest to the Integrity 1 slider if that’s what you want. Or you can also create your own slider from scratch (Revolution slider Docs).

How To Export / Import Your Slider Revolution Sliders

Edit the slider template and change its content (images, text, etc.) that fits on your site.

Set all your Slides Main Background to Transparent so we can see through it the background video later.

Also for the same reason, please set the Slider Background color to transparent.

Now open/edit your page in Cornerstone / Content Builder, open Settings > Page Settings and look for Slider Settings: Above Masthead and Slider Settings: Below Masthead options.

Assign the Slider that you just created on Slider Settings: Above Masthead option, and input your background video direct URL (ends with .webm or .mp4 or .ogv) on the Optional Background Video field.

(It would be best if you have 3 video format (.webm and .mp4 and .ogv) separate with vertical bar | so almost if not all browser will support/play your video.)

Next option to that is the Video Poster Image that is a background-image to substitute the video on mobile.

Next option is the Enable Scroll Bottom Anchor, that is the white circle with down arrow that you see on the bottom center of the Integrity 1 slider. It’s up to you if you want to enable or disable that.

More info about Feature Slider Settings

Regarding, your screenshot

The #1, #3, and #4 will be done on the Revolution Slider, refer to my reply above and the revolution slider provided.
For the #2 you need to do that with Content Dock extension.

I would advise though that you choose and install Expanded Demo if you need a ready-made demo site.

Let us know if you have further questions.

Hope it helps,

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