I can't get essential grid to work on mobile

My grids work beautifully on desktop. But, in the mobile setting, It won’t let me click and head to the post. It is simply locked on the current screen.

Hello Benjamin,

Thanks for posting in! I have checked your homepage and I can see that you have added two slider and the grid in one row. Please create two more section and rows. You must separate the sliders and the grid to prevent them from displaying on top of the other. This is why you cannot click on smaller screen because it seems part of the slider is cover it. By separating each of them into their own respective sections, it will display within the bounds of the section only.

Hope this makes sense.

Did a test run and it made no difference. Mobile wont open the post.

Footer is better. Still would like to get rid of this space here

Hi Benjamin,

I checked the website with my iPhone and the Essential Grids work ok on my phone. I checked the homepage, the first time you tap on the grid it shows the title and the second time you tap it goes to the proper links.

Would you please kindly get back to us with a screenshot or maybe a video of what you see on your phone? And I would ask you also to check the website with another phone as your phone might have the website cache.

Thank you.

here is a video on Google Drive of my phone screen

Hey Benjamin,

Your video requires us to request access. Please provide a link that doesn’t require access. Just post the link in a Secure Note so it’ll only be available for support staff.


I have a theory on why this is happening though and why Christopher wasn’t able to replicate the issue. Try deactivating the Smooth Scroll extension and see if you could click links on mobile. The Smooth Scroll plugin won’t allow mobile taps if the smooth scroll effect is not yet finished. That could be experienced if you swipe like a flicking action then you tap the link. Christopher might have been swiping slowly stopping the effect of the Smooth Scroll plugin.

If that doesn’t help, please make your video available to us without requesting access.


Wow deactivating Smooth Scroll worked!

Glad to hear that this is resolved now!

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