I accidentally deleted a section of my Home page using Icon8

Hi. I accidentally deleted the “We do branding too” section on Icon8 http://demo.theme.co/icon-8/ and want to use the circular image place-holders on my page https://www.thebiscuitclub.com.au/ and I’m unclear on how to get it back. I’ve searched the KB and forum but couldn’t find the answer I was seeking.

Hope you can help!

Hey LJ,

Thank you for reaching out to us. There is a action history button in Cornerstone to undo/Redo changes you’ve made in the builder (see screenshot)

First launch the Action History tool, click on the history icon (see the above screenshot). Now to traverse back in time to see something at a previous state, clicking down the list will start reverting your build session. As you move down the list (i.e. back in time), the items towards the top of the list (i.e. your more recent changes) will become grayed out and your current selection will be noted by the step with the icon highlighted in blue (see screenshot)

To learn more about this feature please see the section Action History (i.e. Undo / Redo) here https://theme.co/changelog/#theme-pro-2-3-0-theme-x-6-3-0-cornerstone-3-3-0

Hope this helps!

That is fantastic and I’m sure I’ll use it going forward…but when I tried it now all I got was “builder loaded” which seems like it’s too late to simply undo the action. Is there any other way I can get back the section I’ve deleted? I’ve tried looking at the source code of your Icon8 but it’s not helping me recreate the code…

Hi Lj,

I just recreated that section and made it a template, please download it on the link below.

Import that to your Template Manager and load it to your page.

Hope that helps,

Thank you for that. That’s fixed everything up. Hopefully I don’t do it again! But at least I know how to undo now!

You’re most welcome!

Sorry to be a pain, but I just realised that the first image is larger than the other 3 (172.567px instead of 162.617px). Again I can’t figure out why or how to fix it.


Hi Lj,

Would you mind providing us login credentials in a Secure note so we can take a look on your page and see what is causing that image issue.


sure. thanks


To make it the same height, add a unique class to your row element.

Then add this in Theme Options > CSS

.latest-biscuits {

I am sending you some resources in case you want to learn some css

Intro to CSS - https://goo.gl/mFuWQT
How to get CSS selectors - https://goo.gl/BmoH39
Get Started With Viewing And Changing CSS - https://goo.gl/7xFhDa


Thanks for your help. It didn’t work unfortunately. After trying your solution I took another look at the images. The image in question wasn’t a square (unlike the others). After making it a square it lined up with the other images. Not an ideal solution (as I’ll have to ensure all images are square) but I’ve spend an inordinate amount of time on this already.

thanks again.

No problem.
If you need anything else we can help you with, don’t hesitate to open another thread.

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