HubSpot form not showing on mobile


I added HubSpot form JS to a content area block in Pro on this page:

The form appears to be working fine on desktop, but I can’t get it to display on mobile. I’ve tried using different elements to add the code, cleared the cache, and nothing seems to work.

I reached out to HubSpot for support, but they told me I’d have to reach out to theme support for this.

Here is the code I added:

<script charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript" src="//"></script>

Hi Jonathan,

Thanks for reaching out!

I check the page you posted above but I can’t see any forms. Would you mind sharing more information on how we can test the page? Providing a screenshot is a big help.

Thank you.

Hi Marc,

Yes, here are a couple of screenshots of the form, or at least what it’s supposed to look like.

Hi Jonathan,

It seems that the Hubspot form is not created due to some JavaScript errors, can you please check and let us know once the form is visible.