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I have set my font preferences in Pro - Theme Options - Settings - Fonts. Now when editing text in Pro it still doesn’t automatically take those preferences: I still have to chose ‘body’ instead of ‘inherit’ in the dropdown and I still have to pick a color. For me this is in itself not a problem, though it should be made much easier. More problematic it becomes when switching to ‘rich text’: suddenly all preferences disappear! Why? How? I know it has something to with ‘P’ but where can I set that so it won’t interfere when I switch from html to rich text?

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Thanks for writing in! Yes you are correct. It has something to do with P tags. When you insert a text in html content, it will be wrap with the element container. While using the rich text, every time you insert a text or group of text, it will automatically wrap those texts with a p tag. Html version is good if you need to insert html codes along with your text. If you want something more easier and just want to place a content text, just use the rich text format.

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But why doesn’t it take the preferences I set in ‘fonts’? That’s my main issue with this: when editing in rich text it would be nice if it took the preferences for Color, font family, and so on. It doesn’t. I have it fixed with CSS but that shouldn’t be the way. Am I missing something?

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Consider the Color Manager as your color palette, where all the colors you need is set in there before you start painting.

The same thing for Font Manager (but for fonts), you need to set the fonts that you’re going to need before you start your design (or add a font along the road if you need to).

Now navigate to Theme Options > Typography turn on the FONT MANAGER option.
Set the BODY FONT and BODY FONT COLOR, you’ll see your list of font and your color palette in there. Do the same thing for HEADINGS FONT and HEADINGS FONT COLOR, that will be now your body text and headline’s font-family and color defaults.

If you did not set a specific color or font-family on your Element, it will automatically inherit that default (unless you have a custom CSS that interfere with this inheretance).

Hope this shed some lights,

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