How would you make my menu better | Can I use a Mega Menu Element in the Header?

Hello All,

New to using Cornerstone, but really enjoying it! I love the functionality of the mega menu element, can I use that for my navigation? I’m using Theme X | Child theme (not Pro).
Here’s the website:


Can we name the sections (like how you have the ability to name layers in Photoshop)? I know we can click into the section and see the page name, just making sure I’m not missing an opportunity to organize my sections even better.

Hello Stan,

Thanks for writing in!

Regretfully, you can only use the Mega Menu in your page content. The X theme does not have the ability to create a custom header unlike the Pro theme where it has the Header Builder.

And yes, you can rename the sections or any other element. Select the section/element you want to change the name and then double click so that your cursor will blink and allow you to rename it. Just press enter key to save it. Check out this video:

Hope this helps.

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