How to setup Integrity Theme


I would please like to setup the exact same theme in X that is the Integrity Theme which is shown here

Could someone please show me how? When i try to activate the Integrity theme in X on Wordpress, my whole site looks like an old blog - it looks nothing like

Please help

Thank you,

Hi Arch,

You need to validate your website first:

After that scroll down the Demo Content section > select the Integrity 1 from the dropdown:

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Hello Thai,

Thank you for your quick response. I tried what you mentioned and I did succeed but not quite.

What i mean to say is i would like the exact, completely identical layout look formatting and content found at: So that i can use that as a reference to start with and then change the pictures text and video right after.

I cannot seem to replicate it with the method you outlined.

Could you please help.

Thank you in advance,

Hello There,

Please import the Integrity 1 demo content so that you will have the identical layout look formatting and contents. Just keep in mind that since this is a standard demo, you will not be able to get the exact copy of the demo. Only expanded demo content will allow you to have and one to one copy of the demo site. For more details about how our demo contents works, please read this:

Hope this explains it briefly.

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