How To Set Up X Auto?

Hello, I hope I’m not repeating here (I couldn’t find anything through search). I just bought this theme to upgrade my site from Carpress to X - Auto. I’m at a disadvantage as I think I can’t install the demo version first to see where and how things are set up as I already have a working site. I’d be delighted if someone could point me to videos or tell me the settings for X Auto? My site is a traditional one located at: Hope this is not too confusing, I am new to Xtheme, but it looks absolutely fabulous, many thanks in advance!
Sincerely, sLsM

Hi There,

Thank you for purchasing our X theme, please follow this article how you can import the Expanded Demo (Auto). Make sure you validated the theme first, else you can not import the demo.

Is this your live site ( I advise that you develop your new site on a sub-domain so your live site will stay up, but if a downtime is fine with you while you are redesigning the site, then you can directly install and switch to X theme.

Let us know if you need help installing the theme and we all be happy to assist you.


Thank you for your response. Downtime would be fine if it doesn’t stretch for weeks, which is why I’m asking for the settings for the auto theme in advance. You are also saying that I could install the theme and demo first on a sub-domain then copy the settings? I will try this. I guess the most important parts I don’t want to lose are the currant gallery and all my blog posts which is why I hesitate to install the demo.

Anyway thank you once again. I’ll be in touch if it doesn’t work out.

Best wishes!

Hi @sLsM,

Yes, that is right. You could set your site first in a development site then make it public. I am sure that you will validate your dev site so that you could load the extended plugins and demos. Don’t you worry because you could always revoke the domains validation so that you could transfer it to your live site or use staging to activate your dev site.

Let us know how it goes.


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