How to retrieve Archive name via Dynamic content

I created a CPT with ACF. all works ok except the archive layout which returns an empty string when i use {{dc:archive:name}}

When i create a CPT with ACF i get the plural and singular name, so i suspect that might be part of the problem. i have no idea how i can correctly retrieve the name here. is it even possible?

I’d like to avoid creating a custom dynamic tag for it if i can.

EDIT: i just realized that even the POSTS archive name is not showing. i wonder if i’m doing something wrong or if this could be a bug?

Hello @franticape,

Thanks for writing in!

You can only use {{dc:archive:name}} up to certain archive pages. It can display the category archive name. You will need specific dynamic content like {{dc:post:post_type}} or {{dc:post:post_type_plural}} if you want to display custom post-type names.

Hope this makes sense.

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