How to Remove Magnifying Glass and Link Buttons on Pro Theme

On Pro theme, I’m wondering how to remove the magnifying glass and link icons that show up when hovering over blog post thumbnails - and would like to make the thumbnails themselves clickable links to the posts. Thanks -Rich

Hi Rich,

Thanks for reaching out.

I checked your site and I don’t see magnifying glass and link icons on the blog post thumbnails. Would you mind providing the exact URL? I thought you’re referring to recent posts, but it is too doesn’t have those.


Hey Rad

I used to get the “link” button on running X Theme over the thumbnails but a code got rid of it. I opted to try Pro on my 2nd site where I’ve been getting the magnifying glass and link icons above the thumbnails on pages like this one and the other pages from the menu


I think license is attached to this login in case you need that for this website. Thanks again

Hi Rich,

Thank you for the clarification. It is an essential grid content. To remove it, you have to edit the skin you were using on that grid which is washington. Then remove that element from the skin. For guidance on skin editor, please check this documentation.

Hope this helps.

Nice thanks

You’re most welcome!

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