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How would I go about removing my full-screen homepage slider?

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In order to remove the slider from the Home page, I would suggest you go to the Homepage —>Click on “Edit” only —>Scroll down to page Settings —>Slider Settings —>Slider —>Select "Deactivated "

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Hi, Prakash

I know that will deactivate it, but I need assistance finding the code that makes the slider cover the entire page from top to bottom. I am trying to make the page normal again. For example… if I elect to make the shop page the home page.

Hello @fantasy_5,

You have set your slider as a Fullscreen slide. You can check out Layout settings by editing the slider:

If you want to reassign another page as your homepage, you can do that in Settings > Reading:

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I will try your suggestions, but I believe it is far more complicated than that. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Hello @fantasy_5,

Please let us know how it goes.


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