How to move licence to new domain

Hi there, I purchased X theme and set up my site a while ago, but I have since decided to change the domain name. Wordpress now has a pop up saying my X theme licence is not validated.

I found a topic regarding this on the support forum and saw the following instructions:

“No problem with changing to a new domain. All you need to is revoke the licence for the old url and reassign it for the new url by going to your account licences page”

I am still really unclear what I need to do however, could I get some step by step instructions?

Thanks very much

Hi there,

Kindly go to your old installation of Wordpress and click on the Revoke License link:

Then go to your Themeco Account Licenses page and change the domain of the Purchase Key in question to the new one.

Then follow the same instruction of this article:

Thank you.

Wonderful - thank you!

You’re very welcome. Have a great day!

Hi I have same issue whereby i need to revoke my licence from old URL and add to new one - the only difference being that I didnt renew the old URL and so cannot access the wordpress for it anymore - can you please revoke it on my behalf so that I can apply my licence to my new URL.

original URL that needs revoking is

Many thanks for your help

Hi there,

Please kindly open up a new thread and give us the URL/User/Pass of your new website using the Secure Note functionality of the post to follow up the case.

Do not add the information here as the Secure Note is visible to the original poster of the thread and you are not the original poster of this thread.

We will do our best to fix the issue for you asap then :slight_smile: Thank you.

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