How to modify font spacing and font size of h1~h6

Hi, I’m trying to edit using the starter template - Starter: About.

Q1. I want to know how I could change the font spacing of the selected text “WE FOSTER EDUCATION”. I’m wondering why it has some font spacing on that text, seems like there is no such CSS codes or spacing options applied to it. It looks like the spacing is not the default for cornerstone text elements.

Q2. I want to know how I could change the font size of h1~h6. I wasn’t able to find the option that I could touch for changing default h1~h6 font sizes. Do I have to set Global CSS codes for modifying default h1~h6 font size settings? And if I want to set font size of a specific text element, it is right to add a font-size code on the style form of the text element?

Hi Arisa,

Q1: It is text formalt letter spacing. Click that Headline element. Under Text Tab > Navigate until you see Text Format. Then reduce the value for Letter Spacing

Q2: You can either define a custom CSS or use responsive text:

Hope this helps.

Hi, @Lely :smiley:

I just clicked and checked the headline element I want to modify its font spacing, but couldn’t find TEXT tap on this element.

Either headline and custom headline doesn’t have. Can you help me with this?

Hello Arisa,

Thanks for updating the thread.

Can you please confirm that Advanced Mode is Always On under X > Settings > Permissions > User Preference .

More information on permissions manager in following post:


Hi, @Prasant!

I didn’t know I should turn that option on.

After I turned that on, I got the options on the right place.

Thanks for great help! X Theme support team always pleasures me :slight_smile:

I’d better read that documentation, Thanks a lot!

You are most welcome. :slight_smile:

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