How to make categories in envira gallery

hey, I’d like to classify my pictures and offer it with a filter (e.g. pictures from inside the house, pictures from outside the house)
I found out either the Tags Addon or the Album Addon will do the job

Related questions:

  1. can I do this in the envira gallery licence which is coming with the theme x
  2. how can I activate the pro licence and install the addons (i bought the plugin, but I cannot activate it)
  3. is there an other way, coming with theme x, or do I need to upgrade to envira galery pro?


Hey Peter,

The Envira Addons would only be available if you enter a standalone Envira Gallery license. Because Envira Gallery is bundled in our theme:

After that, you’ll be able to use Envira Gallery as a standalone plugin and at this point, product support will be handled by Envira Gallery support staff.

Hope that helps.

Unfortunately the page does not behave accordingly.
When I create tags, it’s referring to non existing pages.

do I have to embed it in a different way?

It’s also not working when I embed it as raw content…same behaviour

Hey Peter,

Maybe you need to paste a shortcode inside a page. I’m sorry but I’m not sure of the usage of the Tags Addon as we are not familiar with it. It’s also not included in our product support as I mentioned previously. Please reach out to Envira Gallery Support.


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