How to make a section transparent

Hi, I am working on a landing page and would like to make my section transparent. I’m going to add an email form, and I have an image as the background of the page itself. So, I’d like for the section itself to be transparent to the background and only showing the background and email form. My URL is and you can see the background image as well as the section that I’d like to make transparent.


I also have already set the section background to be transparent, but it still appears white. Along with that I’ve tried some custom css from other support threads, but nothings worked.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for reaching out to us. To make the section transparent, first inspect your section in Cornerstone (see screenshot)

Then change the Background color to transparent, however the default color of a section is already set to transparent (see screenshot)

To show your form over your background image, you can add the following code in the Theme Options > CSS:

.page-id-2374 .x-main {
    background-color: transparent !important;

As you see in the code I used page-id-2374 which is the ID of the page you shared so the above CSS is only apploed to that page only. To find out page / post ID’s you can checkout

Hope this helps!

Thanks for the help, this worked perfectly!

Glad we’re able to help.

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