How To Link "Book Appointment" page to the "Contact Form"

How do I link the “Book Appointment” to the contact form


Hello Victory,

Would you mind clarifying on your question more? If you have used Contact Form 7 to create the Book Appointment form, you can add the form to the Contact Form page by adding a Contact Form 7 element in Cornerstone.

You can also add the font to the page as a shortcode:

Hope this helps.

This is what I meant, if you look at the image I uploaded you will see that one has “Book an appointment” where you can click and I am asking how to connect it to open to “Book online” which was created using the contact form.

Here is what I did so far but it not working, I place the contact code in the “HREF” but nothing happen, I even put an external link there, still the same thing.

Please help out

Hi @ugbosu,

That blue-background element is not a Contact Form 7, that is a Classic Callout element. The purpose of the button in there is to link to your actual Booking page.

Now on your actual Booking page, you can use Contact Form 7 plugin for creating a form, but that plugin is not enough for booking because that is only a contact form, you will need some add-ons for it to work as booking plugin.

I would advise that to use a plugin that the purpose is for booking, instead of Contact Form 7 unless you just want the Booking to be sent to your email.

You can try the Modern Event Calendar extension, this has a booking feature.


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