How to left justify button in header?

Hi please see URL in secure note, I am trying to make this button left justified but can’t figure out how to do it.


Hi @ddctc,

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I could not be able to adjust it through CSS in your front page. Would you mind sharing us your admin credentials so we could check your setup closer.

Don’t forget to set it in a secure note.


Ok added to secure note above.

Is there no option to change position of button? There is a text justify option in the button options, but it doesn’t work.

Thanks I look forward to your reply.

Hey @ddctc,

Edit the container containing your button and the two headlines. Go to Container > Setup > Flex Layout and set Horizontal to Start.

There’s no option to change the position in the button itself. The Header and Footer builders uses Flexbox. If you learn how to use Flexbox, you’ll know how to lay things out in the builders. Please see our Knowledge Base for Pro usage tutorials and tips and tricks.

The text aligment option is for the text within the button. Provided you set a specific width for the button and you don’t have side paddings, it will look like this.


Thanks got it!

You’re welcome, glad we could help.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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