How to integrate Wavesurfer?

Hello there,

I want to Integrate WaveSurfer on my website:

I downloaded it and activated the plugin but the audio didn’t turn into wave form (shape). Can you please explain to me what I need to do to make this work?

Hello Katarina,

Thanks for writing in! Please be advised that we do not support this plugin or any experience in using this plugin. And since this is a 3rd party, you need to contact the authors of the plugin. They should be able to guide you on how you can use their plugin into your site.

Best Regards.

Hello there,

I have contacted the author of the plugin and here’s what he said:

Hi Katarina,

Unfortunately, we don’t provide support for 3rd party plugins or feature such as this here in the forum. The forum is only limited to the product we provides. I also checked and I’m not familiar with the CSS they are referring, CSS difficulty depends on how it’s implemented by its developer.

It’s best to contact them again and request a more specific way of implementation, in which you can apply. Their plugin is also free so I doubt they will really provide dedicated support. On this one, you might one to contact a developer that could help you with the required changes.