How to Implement Icon Template 8 Layout for my site & implement short codes

  1. I like the way Icon Template 8 looks but cannot find a way to implement that template for my blog.
    Is this possible somehow or do I need to build it myself using plugins and shortcodes?

  2. Where do I implement the short codes once I’ve figured out which ones I need to use?

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Are you referring to the demo or page templates? If it’s about the demo then you can validate your theme and import Icon 8 demo :slight_smile:

About the shortcodes, please check our knowledge base about other features and shortcodes. You can simply add them to your content or text widget, or simply use cornerstone builder and add the elements.

Or perhaps, you may provide some details of what you wish to implement. We can’t help you build your site from scratch, but we may able to help you with some ideas, it’s a broad topic :slight_smile:


Thanks. Yes, I’m referring to the demo. How do I go about validating my theme and then importing icon 8 demo?

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Please check this, then please go to X overview page in admin and import your preferred demo.

Please note that there are 2 types of demo, the standard and the expanded. The expanded is the only one that has complete demo import.


Thank you. I’ve now imported and activated Icon demo 8 but I cannot figure out how to change the pink stripes labled “title” or any of the other title content modules. can you advise?

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Can you share your site URL? If you are referring to those headlines, it’s settings can be change on X > Launch > Theme Options > Typography > Headings Font

sure. my site is

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Do you mean the background color of the rectangle container that has the custom headlines?

If so, you can edit the column background color.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. I figured out that all edits can be done to the demo using Cornerstone, which I had not been advised of before.

That said, I uploaded background photos for the Title widgets but I can’t seem to delete the Rows entirely. Is this an option?
If not, is there a way to edit the layout so the photo is viewed in its entirety? Currently the text is getting cutoff because it’s outside of the “row” box.


Hi there Lisa,

Rows can be deleted, just hit the bin icon that correspond to your Row.


And so you can delete an entire Section if you want.

I believe you’re referring to this type of issue?


You’re doing it in a wrong way, please just have your Image as the Background-image of the section and the title as a Custom Headline element (content) of the section. You can’t have a text in your background-image.

Hope this shed some lights.

Hi. I did upload the image as the background text and I did try to delete the row multiple times but it didn’t delete. I also tried to erase the column but could not do so either. Can you advise how to get rid of the text box?

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If you have only one ROW you can not delete it.

The column erase feature does not delete the Column but empty it.

Any element including the Text element can be deleted (

Sorry, but I am not really entirely certain of your issues. Would you mind to clarify what you’re trying to do instead.

Thank you!

That answers my question. The row cannot be deleted. Thank you.

Is there a way to insert icons into my Menu Header? I’d like to add the corresponding icons to my categories in my header to match my content featured boxes (i.e. Heart, Suitcase, List, etc) Can I do this using shortcodes? If so, could you tell me how?

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1.) The row can be deleted. Please go to Layout tab and select which row you want to delete.

2.) You can make use of the icon shortcodes to go inside your custom headlines (headers). You can check out the live icon shortcode demo here:

Hope this helps.

All of a sudden, I can no longer access Cornerstone and I don’t know how to navigate back to it. When I click “cornerstone” under the “X” in my wordpress dashboard it only takes me to a settings page… not an editor.

Can you tell me how to navigate to Cornerstone editor from my wordpress dashboard?

Hi Lisa,

Please watch this clip

You can also directly navigate to Pages panel, edit the page that you want to edit and if the page is originally built in Cornerstone you should see a big EDIT WITH CORNERSTONE button.

If it is a new page, click the (1) Cornerstone tab first and then the big (2) EDIT WITH CORNERSTONE button will show (


Thank you. I have resolved the cornerstone issue!

Are you able to tell me how to dynamically post new posts to the corresponding category sliders on my homepage? For example I have 4 sliders (Be, Go, Plan, Do). As I post new content, is there a way to direct the posts to show up in the corresponding sliders. Go posts in the Go slider, Plan posts in the Plan slider, etc?

thanks so much!

Hey Lisa,

The sliders will only display what you have inserted in each of the slide content items. Regretfully dynamically adding the post items for each slider could only be possible with custom development but this would be outside the scope of support we can offer. You may wish to consult a developer to assist you with this. X is quite extensible with child themes, so there are plenty of possibilities.

Thanks for understanding. Take care!

ok. thanks.

You’re welcome, glad we could help.