How to host fonts locally

I followed these instructions to put Lato in the font folder under my main folder, then added the code to CSS in hcild theme.

However, I see that the font is still being pulled front Google. How can I fix this?

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Thank you for writing in, but why do you want to do that? X and PRO offer you the Google Fonts (Theme Options > Typography). You can also request Google Fonts by just adding an @import statement on your child theme style.css file (

But If you really need to host the Google fonts, get all the font files and follow the guide provided here.


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I want to host the Google fonts so that the site loads more quickly.

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I’m not sure how you implemented it, but I’m sure the instructions provided in this URL are correct. Please provide your site’s URL where you implemented this.

But I don’t see any point doing this, the browser still needs to download the font to render it, either from your site or from Google. Personally, I prefer it to be hosted it in google since it acts like CDN and Cloud hosting which obviously faster than self-hosted files.


and here’s why:

This worked but I see that it is now pulling from Google and from my CDN. How do I get it to not pull from Google?

There is no option for that in X and Pro. It could be possible with custom development but that would be outside the scope of our support.

Thank you for understanding.