How to fullscreen Menu?

Hey folks,

is there a way to archiv a fullscreen menu like on this website: ?

I’d like to have my discriptions toggeld with hover right to the menu-items.

Iam using the pro version of xtheme and have it local installed.

Hi @mxone,

Thanks for writing in!

The site URL you have sent is in not opening, giving an error.

So can’t confirm what exactly you are looking for.
If you can post a screenshot of the menu so that we can suggest you better.


Here we go :slight_smile: I like to use xtheme a lot for my clients but i don’t know exactly how to archive that kind of menu.

Hi There @mxone

You can try testing Superfly menu and see if that suits your requirement. You can see the documentation on our knowledge base section here ( and also you can follow this video walkthrough to see it’s features and options (

Hope that helps.

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