How to edit the Logo and Text in Mike & Jess?

Hi there,
I need to edit both the Logo and Text in the Mike & Jess Theme(up and to the left)
I found the Logo source in the Menu tabs but I cannot find the Mike Jess text to modify it.
On the other hand, I saw that the Logo is a PNG file and I guess that it was design with Transparency.
For it, could you tell me how was this designed? ( when I remplaced the Original with my Logo with the white background, I saw the square logo background…)
Hope you can understand. Sorry but my English is little :):slight_smile:
Thanks for your support

Hi Alejandro,

Thank you for writing in, yes the Mike & Jess logo is a PNG file with transparent background. That means you need to remove the white background on your own logo and save it as a PNG file.

Logo can be set under Theme Options > Header > Logo Upload.

Hope it helps,

Hi @friech
Now, i will do my logo in PNG and transparent.
On the other hand, I cannot find the Mike & Jess Text to edit it, for it, Could you say me where it is?
Thanks for you support.

Hey Alejandro,

Can you please clarify which "Mike & Jess " you want to edit? I have checked your site and I could not find anywhere. Meanwhile, you must be referring to the site identity name. You can edit it in either of the following places:

  • Appearance > Customize > Site Identity > Site Title
  • Settings > General > Site Title

Best Regards.

Hi Alejandro,

When you say “Mike & Jess” are you referring to this?

That is actually an image, take a look at here. That means that text is actually the logo (PNG) and you can only edit that with a Photo Editor software (e.g. Photoshop).

Upload your logo under Theme Options > Header > Logo Upload and that “Mike & Jess” will be replace.

Hope that shed some lights,

Hi @friech
Yes, it is.
I thought that both Logo and Text are differents fields. My confusion was because the first time that I changed it for my own logo, it remplaced only the Mike and Jess logo but it happened because my own logo size was very little…
Now, I changed it successfully
Thanks for your support

You are most welcome!
It is good to know that you were able to resolved the issue already.